My Life - Video Tutorials.

Students will create a photo movie about themselves, My Life. The content of each individual movie should reflect on a student's life beyond school. They will import their images into Photos and edit their movie using Final Cut Pro. They will be given the opportunity to borrow a camera from the class or they are welcome to use their own cameras.

Step #1: Submit a Storyboard (20 pts)
A storyboard must be submitted prior to taking the photos. A storyboard is a visual representation of the photos you intend to present in your film (Students do not have to use all the frames provided on the Storyboard).

Step #2: Take Photos & Import (10pts)
At a minimum, each student took and used at least 5 photos for each of the following segments: 1. Home, 2. Family (pets), 3. School, 4. Friends, 5. Hobbies. You may include additional segments, of your choosing.
1a. Import your images to Photos; (If you forget, replay the "Photo" video tutorial.).    (Mobile) (YouTube)
1b. Once imported, Create an Album for each of the segments in your film: Family, Friends, School, Hobbies & Home.(Mobile) (YouTube)

Step #3: Create Your Movie Using Final Cut Pro.

2. Open Final Cut Pro and view the interface.(Mobile) (YouTube)

3. Create a New Event & New Project. Title it:  "MyLife_YourName.(Mobile) (YouTube)

4a1. Import Photos To Final Cut Pro(Mobile) (YouTube)

5. Timing(Mobile) (YouTube)
The video shall be no shorter than 1 minute & no longer than 4 minutes.
Each image should appear for 3 to 4 seconds.

6. Titles:At least one title for each segment.(Mobile) (YouTube)

7. Transitions:Add a transition between all images. (Mobile) (YouTube)

8. Ken Burns: Add a Ken Burns effect to all of your photos. (Mobile) (YouTube)

9. Music(Mobile) (YouTube)
There should be background music composed by the student using Garage Band, heard throughout the video. Any cropping of the audio track must not be recognizable to the viewer - so fade these music tracks!.

10. Export (Mobile) (YouTube)
Export your video to the Desktop. Then drag it onto the RLSMultimediaServer.

Also...Quality Standards.