"Jet Fighter" - Video Tutorial
Green Screen Technology
Final Cut Pro

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.

In Preparation:
View the “Jet Fighter” video on the class website. This is what you will be recreating. (Mobile) (YouTube)

Step #1: Retrieve the folder containing the photos, video and audio files from the RLS Multimedia Server – “JetFighter_GreenScreen.” Place folder on your desktop. (Mobile) (YouTube)

Step #2: Create a New Event & Project

  • 2a. Open Final Cut Pro and create a new Event and then a new Project. Title it: "JetFighter_YourName." (Mobile) (YouTube)
    (To create a new Event: MainMenu/File/New/Event!) (To create a new Project: MainMenu/File/New/Project!)

Step #3: Import Audio, Video and Images into Final Cut Pro.

  • 3a. Import Audio and Video into "Final Cut Pro." (Mobile) (YouTube  
  • 3b. Import Images to "Photos" & Create an Album. (Mobile) (YouTube
    • 3b1.  Problems Viewing "Photos" In Final Cut Pro...then import! (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #4: Titles
Add a title slide to the beginning of the movie: “Jet Fighter” & “Attacking The Cruiser.” (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #5: Assemble Images On The Timeline, Move Clips, Delete, Edit/Undo, Zoom In/Zoom Out.
Take a look at the image of the timeline on the back of this gradesheet. Your goal is to create a timeline that looks like this. There are 6 images in the following order: 1. FrontFighter, 2. Cockpit, 3. BackFighter, 4. Cockpit, 5.  Cruiser, (Blank Title), 6. Cockpit. (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #6: Create the 1st Green Screen Segment & Review: Snapping & Zoom!
Fighter pilot is talking to other pilots. (Mobile) (YouTube)

Step #7: Create the 2nd Green Screen Segment
Pilot Fires on the cruiser and hits it. (Mobile) (YouTube)

Step #8:Step #8: Create 3rd Green Screen
The pilot is ordering everyone home. (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #9: Motion &  Ken Burns Effect:
9a: Add Motion to “Front Fighter.” (Mobile) (YouTube)
9b: Add Motion to “Back Fighter.”  (Mobile) (YouTube)
9c: Add Motion to “Cruiser.”  (Mobile) (YouTube)
9d: Add the “Ken Burns Effect” to the Explosion. (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #10:Sound Effects & Audio
You are being supplied with sound effects and music. View the image on the back of this page and the tutorial to see what goes where. (Mobile) (YouTube)
Helpful Hint: Finding a Backdrop Image
When you direct and produce your Star Wars Scenes, you will be responsible for finding a backdrop image that will replace the green screen in your video (just like the cockpit behind the girl in these training videos). This video will show you how to quickly find a backdrop image. (Mobile) (YouTube)

Now ask Mr. Harrington to film you in front of the Green Screen so that you can add yourself as the pilot in the video.