Mini Maze
Hints That Will Help You Create Your Maze!

Students have been taught how to use Tinkercad, an online CAD program. They are going to use these skills to create a "Mini Maze" that will eventually be produced on a 3D printer.  

A. Design & Draw Your Mini Maze To Scale on Draft Paper  Student Example #1 & Student Example #2
The Mini Maze measurements are on this Grade Sheet. 
Draft Paper: Click here! (scale 1/8th inch) 
Video Tutorial: (Mobile) (You Tube)


  • Base: H:  1/4” x W: 3" x L: 3" 
  • Walls: H: 1/4” x W: 1/8"     (Interior walls must be 1/4" away from all interior walls.) 
  • Holes: H: 3/8"  x W: 3/8"  (6 holes - must be 1/4" away from interior walls. Can touch exterior walls.) 
 B. Build Your Mini Maze With Tinkercad (Computer Aided Design.) 
Log in to Tinkercad. 

Step #1:Creating the Base (Set up the Plane.) (Mobile) (You Tube)

Step #2:Creating the Outer Walls(Mobile) (You Tube)
Step #3: Creating The Inner Walls & T-Walls (Mobile) (You Tube)
Step #4: Adding Holes (Mobile) (You Tube)   
 Step #5: Adding Text  (Mobile) (You Tube)
  Step #6: Grouping and Preparing For Export  (Mobile) (You Tube)
 When you finish creating your Mini Maze in Tinkercad, notify me and I will send it to the 3D Printer for you.